Frequently asked questions about the User_bmp.ini.
MM&MM screen saver drawers train. If you would like to join in here, simple send a drawing of your containers to

Frequently asked questions about the User_bmp.ini.

1. Whatfor the User_bmp.ini is already needed?

In the User_bmp.ini the MM&MM screen saver saves all data about the user defined drawings, which are already used in the screen saver. Read more about this at the page, "What is the User_bmp.ini".

2 Why a common User_bmp.ini?

The common User_bmp.ini will make it possible for the User to insert a high amount of drawings in a comfortable way into the screen saver with less efford of time. As more drawers join this project, as more it is useful for the user which has otherwise to insert every drawing seperately into the screen saver.

3 How does the common User_bmp.ini work?

It will work in two steps:
1st At every members page is available an EXE file to download and install all drawings of this member page. This file does already work in a way that it will extract all files into the path pointed by the common User_bmp.ini. This path is at the ground the same as the standard path of the MM&MM screen saver. Who already has installed his screen saver into the standard path really needs only a mouse click per member page.
2nd Now is to download and execute the file "user_bmp.ini.exe" as well.

4 I did not install the screen saver at the standard path, what is to do?

The User_bmp.ini must be in the same folder as the file "v3w32_0.DLL" of the MM&MM screen saver. Standard path is "C:\Programme\MM_Bahn_V3\". This path is changeable in the install file of the User_bmp.ini also. Because of there has every entry a full path no further change is nessessary.

5 I do not want to install the drawings into the standard path. What do I have to obey?

Here it will be a bit more complicated, but it is still a simple job to do:

1st Every installation file at the member pages has the possiblity to edit the install path. What might not be as easy is to change the author name folders of the members and the sub folders behind. This is unwanted by the authors and makes it also possible that different drawings of the same loco may share the same file name. If a drawing is disliked by a user he may easily deaktivate or delete it by using of the user interface of the screen saver.

2. Now is to edit the common User_bmp.ini, the standard path "C:\Programme\MM_Bahn_V3\" must be changes into the user defined one. This is to do by "search & replace" and is a simple work for maximum two minutes.
It is really uncomfortable and difficult to edit the common User_bmp.ini only with the standard Windows programs, because the common User_bmp.ini is to large for Notepad and WordPad may damage the User_bmp.ini if you do not care by saving the file because it will change the text format. I allready recommend the program "EditPad", the best and most comfortable replacement for Notepad which came on my computer. It just cost the price of a picture postcard (postcardware English) and does not only remove the file size limit of Notepad. Also EditPad has a funtion for "search & replace" it is now already needed. EditPad might be download from this homepage (other downloads).

6 I draw by my self and want to join this project, what do I have to do?

1st First of all please read the eligible rules carefully. Thatfor the user may have less to bother with implementing new pictures to the screen saver the members of this project have to work carefully.
2. Fill in completely the join in form at this homepage. How it goes further depends on your possibilities to play a part of this projekt.

7 Must I have a homepage to join this project?

No. It is enough if it is possible to download your drawings anywhere and a collection download is existent. To publish your drawings you may use e.g. the MM train exchange at But please obey that your drawings have somne quality because no one I think want to publish half painted or misdrawed pictures.

8 I have an own homepage and own drawings also. What must I do to join this project?

1st First of all please read the eligible rules carefully. Thatfor the user may have less to bother with implementing new pictures to the screen saver the members of this project have to work carefully.
2nd Fill in completely the join in form.
3rd Upload a collection download in the way written in the Eligible rules at your homepage.
4th Edit the User_bmp.ini by yourself (you will get FTP passcode to edit this online), or give this work to another member (this member must agree with this). Then this member will get the FTP passcode. It is in all cases nessessary that all User_bmp.ini for your files are existent. If there are any problems I will likely help you out.

9 I do not know (anymore) which entrys in my User_bmp.ini are my own pictures and not. What I have to do?

1st Open the konfiguration dialog of the MM&MM screen saver and unselect all user drawings with the user interface (button "Unmark all").
2nd Now step by step view the list and mark only your own drawings.
3rd copy your User_bmp.ini and send it to I will make an User_bmp.ini for you which has only your own drawings. New drawing data please insert first into this file.

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