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other downloads

Here you can download some programs you may need to edit and upload the Common_bmp.ini. Programs for FTP-Upload, make out the Common_bmp.ini.exe and to edit the Common_bmp.ini. Most programs are freeware if not it is marked at the program description.

User_bmp.ini Setup

download "user_setup.exe" 293 KB .exe

User_setup.exe of Giorgio Stagni allows to share more than one Ini-file for the MM Screen Saver. With this tool a simple adding of the "Common_bmp.ini" to the MM Screen Saver with a few mouse clicks only is possible. Strongly recommended freeware English/German/Italian.

FTP programs

download Cute FTP 1372 KB .exe

Cute FTP is simple the reference FTP program at the moment. 30 days shareware English.

download WS_FTP 978 KB .zip

WS_FTP is a almost simple to use FTP program which takes a while to get used with the surface. Freeware for privat use only, English.

Archiv programs

download Power Archiver 2000 2099 KB .exe

Power Archiver 2000 is a simple to use archiv program similar Winzip. Freeware English.

download Zip Central 1226 KB .exe

Zip Central is also a simple to use archiv program similar Winzip. A fairly small program, but it lacks at some details. Freeware English.


download EditPad 309 KB .zip

EditPad is a powerful replacement for the narrow chested editor "Notepad.exe". It drops the limitation of the file size (with Notepad it is not even possible to open the User_bmp.ini of the NEK and WordPad will damage .ini files). The surface looks a bit strange at the first moment, but it get common quickly. You wont miss the program after a quarter hour. Postcardware English.

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