For that is the User_bmp.ini project
MM&MM screen saver drawers train. If you would like to join in here, simple send a drawing of your containers to

For that is the User_bmp.ini project.

The common User_bmp.ini.

For what is the common User_bmp.ini Project?

There are many beautiful drawings available in the internet to download and insert into the MM&MM screen saver. But to insert all those drawings needs a high effort, because every picture has to be inserted manually into the screen saver. As well it is a fact that for many drawings there are allready missing a file with the User_bmp.ini entrys. Who do not know which train of the screen saver might be coupled to this drawings allready has lost.

What does be nearer as to give this job to the drawer himself and give something finished to the user, that he might be install with just a couple of mouse clicks? The drawer himself already knows his work and already does this for himself because he will see his work also in his own screen saver as well. Once inserted to the screen saver it is allready needed only to copy the strings from the User_bmp.ini and paste it into the common User_bmp.ini project. Only the path to the drawing must be changed to the rules of this project because it must be possible to find the drawings at any computer. Also it must be possible for any user to change the path in the common User_bmp.ini without any problem simple by search & replace.

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