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MM&MM screen saver drawers train. If you would like to join in here, simple send a drawing of your containers to

User_bmp.ini members

Here you see all members of this Page. If you go to their home pages and download the drawings of them, the locos, railcars, trains and trams are all inclouded in the User_bmp.ini of this User_bmp.ini page. Just extract the .exe file and without any bother the locos and trains will go with the MM&MM screen saver.

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Marcus Bayer (MaBy)
Thomas Eckstein
Dani Egger
Philipp Groß
Patrick Kluge
Oliver Krapp
Nikolaus Mohr
Pierre Ofzareck
Matthias Schroeder
Giorgio Stagni
Alexander Stannigel
Christian Trapp
Claudio Vianini
Jan "Kartofel" Wojtynski

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